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This page contains an outdated version of the Altcraft Platform documentation.
You can find the latest information by following this link:

Requests format

Requests are sent by POST method using HTTP/1.1 protocol. The method is also mentioned on each request description page.

Request parameters are placed in the sent structure. Some parameters can be sent in URL (API key, format).

The input data format must be indicated in the Content-Type HTTP header.

Possible header values:

  • application/json — JSON format

Symbols must have UTF-8 coding.

POST<method name>

If you use an Altcraft Platform cloud account, send API requests to the URL In the case of deploying the platform on your hardware (on-Premise), use your own URL.

A description of the JSON format can be found in RFC 7159:

Don't forget to encode characters that cannot be directly written in JSON.


API token must be sent in request parameters for authorization. Example:

	"token": "bfc505684d774e52b188fa1f003cd5ed",
	"db_id": 1,
	"resource_id": 1,
	"matching": "email",
	"email": "",
	"data": {
		"_status": 0,
		"_fname": "Jim",
		"_lname": "Jones",
		"email": "",
		"phones": ["+79000000000"]

API token can be created in the user panel, in section "Settings" - "Tokens". Master user rights are necessary to create a token.

API token is automatically generated after saving. You can also select a token name and configure access rights (in roles) and groups of objects available for this token.

Response format

The response format can be selected in the request header or parameters.

Response example (Successful operation):

	"error": 0,
	"error_text": "Successful operation",
	"profile_id": "5f4fa1a5ce9448665fef548e"

The following parameters are given in responses:

  • error - error code
  • error_text - error description
  • profile_id - profile identifier (for successful operation)

Response codes


Operation is successful


Incorrect request


API token required


Tariff limit reached


No rights for this action


The object is not found in the token vision zone


Another record with the same unique attributes already exists


The database is not available in the selected resource


Requested Content-Type is not supported


The number of requests set in the configuration file has been exceeded (API_MAX_REQUESTS_COUNT)


Ambiguous search, there are several objects with given attributes


The object belongs to another group

450Request validation error

Internal service error


The method does not exist

Request deduplication

If the connection fails at the moment of receiving the data, a second request may be sent. The platform will not accept a repeated request if it modifies the data in order to avoid duplicate events. Read more about repeated requests here.

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