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Imports one or multiple promo codes into a loyalty program.

Request URL

Method: POST

Request example

tokenstring"abcdefghijklmnqrstuvwxyz"YesAPI token
formatstring"json"NoResponse data format.
By default – json
codesJSON array["CODE-1", "CODE-2"]YesPromo codes list
loyalty_idint1YesLoyalty program ID

Request example

    "codes": [
    "loyalty_id": 1,
    "token": "abcdefghijklmnqrstuvwxyz"

Response example

    "data": [
            "code": "CODE-1",
            "error": 0,
            "error_text": ""
            "code": "CODE-2",
            "error": 500,
            "error_text": "Promocode duplicated"
    "discarded_by_limit": 0,
    "duplicated": 1,
    "error": 0,
    "error_text": "Successful operation",
    "inserted": 1

Response parameters

errorintError code
error_textstringError text
codestringPromo code
discarded_by_limitintImport error due to loyalty program limitations
duplicatedintImport error due to duplication
insertedintNumber of successfully imported promo codes
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