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    "channel": "email",
    "db_id": 20,
    "email": "",
    "priority": 4,
    "profile_id": "5a5b91d769d4265b958b9acb",
    "resource_id": 3,
    "status": "suspended",
    "token": "d58ee9e0af6747bd8ad7d4d9fa98acb6"

Object values

The status parameter overwrites the status of the subscription. It is recommended that you pass it only when you need to update the status.

Both word and numeric values are valid.

Word valueDescriptionNumber value
subscribedReady for messaging0
complainedReported spam2
hardbouncedHard bounce, email probably invalid3
unconfirmedSubscription unconfirmed4
suspendedTemporarily unsubscribed5
invalidInvalid for a variety of reasons6
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