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Email Marketing Terms

API (Application Programming Interface  —  the language of communication of one computer program with another. By delivering requests and returning responses, two computer programs talk to each other in order to execute some common task together. 

BCC  (Blind Carbon Copy, скрытая копия)  — hidden recipients of the letter, whose addresses are not shown to other recipients.

Caller ID — the identifier of the subscriber-sender of SMS messages. It can contain Latin letters and numbers without spaces.

CTR ( C lick-Through Rate) — the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who open the letter.

Double Opt-In  — the user indicated his email at the moment of subscribing and confirmed it by clicking on the special link in the confirmation letter. Advantage: a more interested and active audience gets into the database. Disadvantage: conversion reduces, because a part of the audience does not confirm the subscription.

DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) — an email authentication technique that adds a digital signature to the email. It allows the receiver to check that an email was indeed sent and authorized by the owner of that domain.

OR (Open Rate) — the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers.

SB (Soft Bounce) — the letter returns because the email server is temporarily unable to deliver your message. There are two possible reasons: the recipient's email box is full or recipient's email server is temporarily inaccessible.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) — an email-authentication technique that allows you to check if the sender's domain is forged. It is used to prevent spammers from sending messages on behalf of your domain. You need to add a special TXT record to the sending domain (sender domain, from domain), which determines the policy of allowing sending this domain from various hosts.

SQL (Structured Query Language) — a special language used for managing databases. With the help of SQL, you can set the structure of the database, organize the selection of data from it according to some specific criteria, delete data.

HB (Hard Bounce) — email addresses that do not accept emails due to invalid emails or an unexpected error during sending.

Altcraft Marketing Platform internal terms

Subscriber profile contains information about mailing receivers - customers, partners.

Profiles database defines structure of profile data fields and subscriptions.

Static segment   fixed profiles list, formed by several conditions, or by other ways (manually, by scenario or API). Static segment can be counted during selection from the database, but it will not be recounted automatically.

Dynamic segment  set of rules, that will be used for selection in the moment of using the segment - like campaign launch.

Resource  object for organizing customer subscriptions to certain content via certain communication channels.

Campaign  creates message for certain resource subscribers, based on selected template, and adds customer information from the database, dynamic content, parts and fragments.

Broadcast campaign   tool used when you need to communicate to a specific audience one single time.

Regular campaign  a tool for organizing massive multiple mailings to your subscribers.

Trigger campaign  tool for organizing transactional messages.

Multivariate testing  campaign that can have from 2 to 8 alternatives with different content and settings. You can compare efficiency of this messages and select the best one.

Campaign log tool for tracking all stages and errors during campaign sending.

Message template  a set of content that you send to your customers within one or more marketing campaigns.

Scenario  sequences of actions used for marketing workflow automation.

Summary report  this report gives you detailed statistics for campaigns with number and percent values for Email, Push, SMS channels.

Cohorts report  report by groups of subscriber profiles from specific databases imported at the same time period.

Lifetime report  a tool to analyze customer cohorts lifetime.

Conversion funnel report  you can analyze your marketing strategy conversion or count it for certain action using this report.

Goals report  this report shows analytics about website visits and performing target actions like: income form deal, partner commission e t.c.

Audience growth report  report that shows subscriber profiles quantity changes.

Click map report   report that allows you to compare different message versions and different links values

User panel interface for user to work with Altcraft MP.

Administrator panel service interface used by Altcraft MP administrator.

Tag mark for databases,segments,channels,message templates, etc, used for navigation in platform.

Pixel HTML or JavaScript code placed on website, used for customers behavior tracking.

Watchers database  profiles database, that can be used to control campaigns sending process and result. These profiles will receive same messages as your customers.

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