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Scenarios are sequences of actions used for marketing workflow automation. Scenarios can be convenient to control your customers' loyalty and their actions during the certain time periods. You can also use them to make your marketing processes interactive and thus engaging. Welcome sequences, abandoned carts, reactivation, cross-sales and many other mechanics can be easily automated using scenarios.

Scenarios can be launched:

In this section

Managing scenarios

Creating and editing scenarios. Selecting scenario launch and profiles re-entering mode. Scenario statistics.

Scenario nodes

Scenarios are built up of nodes or steps. They can send messages, attach promo codes, score your customers - and divide scenario audience into several courses of action based on your customers' data or actions.

Classic marketing scenarios

This page offers you a set of classic digital marketing techniques that can be implemented with the help of Altcraft Marketing scenarios.


Step-by-step welcome scenario guide

And here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to implement a welcome scenario.


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