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In Altcraft, Campaigns are used for sending messages to the customers.

Campaign creates message for certain resource subscribers, based on selected template, and adds customer information from the database, dynamic content, parts and fragments.

If dynamic segment is used as mailing audience, it will be counted just before every launch. Also, before every launch, campaign excludes profiles in suppression lists and blocked by sending policy.

Campaign types


This campaign performs one mailing to certain subscribers audience. If the audience is too big, mailing can be divided into several parts by schedule. Subscribers base or segment can be used as audience.


This campaign sends certain content to certain audience regularly. This campaign will never stop by itself. Subscribers base or segment can be used as audience.                                                                                   

Multivariate testing

This campaign allows you to test marketing efficiency of sent messages. You can add up to 16 messages in the campaign.                                                                                                                                              


This campaign allows you to send messages to subscribers after certain action. Campaign launch conditions can be changing subscriber information, profile import, or direct API request.      


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