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Client messaging

Altcraft Marketing platform offers you 3 communication channels out of the box: Email SMS and Push, both browser and mobile app. In various configuration options you will also get access to custom communication channels, like banners or social networks. This article provides you with instructions on their settings and debugging.

You import your customers' digital profiles into a Profiles database . They get subscribed to your messaging Resources - via one or several communication channels and contact data entries.

Each  Campaign  in Altcraft Marketing can be sent over one specific channel. If you need to orchestrate omni-channel messaging - you can organize cascade sending with  Scenarios .

Content for all the available communication channels is created in a single  Message template . Thus different campaigns can use only one template that provides you with extra analytics intersections.


Email allows you to send the largest amount of content, for a letter can contain different design elements and interactive sections, the ones to improve customer engagement and retention rates. To start messaging over SMTP Email, you will need a sender (from) domain to include in databases and resources settings. 

This article will help you configure a sender domain for effective mailing.
And this one will provide recommendations on how to interact with email providers.


Short Message Services are just too great for transactional messaging to ignore them. All you need is your customer's phone number - and you will reach him or her even if no 3G+ network is available. No subscription confirmation required, no mass messaging restrictions. Most of the SMS messages are opened. To send SMS Altcraft Marketing needs to be integrated with a telecom service. It often provides you with CALLER_ID - your "from name" to specify in SMS sending Resources

This article contains information about ready-made telecom gateway integrations.
You can as well require a custom integration. Contact for details.


Push notifications are one of the best ways to communicate with your subscribers as they are virtually free: no fee for sending a push compared to telecom operator fee with SMS.

For the push channel to work, first configure and activate it in Administrative panel .
Web browser push configuration is described in this article .
Mobile application push configuration is described in this article .

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