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Market allows you to import product and order data from various marketplaces into the platform and use this data to communicate with customers. For example, insert order data into a message template or set up a trigger that fires when an order status changes.

Before you get started, make sure you have the required roles enabled for the user and token:

To work with the Market module, we recommend using API requests. If you are using the platform interface, please follow the instructions below:

Market settings

Start with this guide to create the main entities in the market: sales channel, points of contact, categories, regions, order item statuses, etc.


Learn how to create products and SKUs. You can add products manually or import them from a yml file.


Learn how to create orders: select a sales channel, a contact point, a customer profile, and then add line items.

Market variables in templates

Read about how to use product and order data in message templates.

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