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Message template - is a set of content that you send to your customers within one or more marketing campaigns. One template combines message settings for all communication channels. Campaigns for different channels thus use different versions of one template.

Where to start?

Managing message templates

Creating and editing message templates. Content editors for Email, Push and SMS versions. General and advanced settings. Personalization and live preview.

Templates fragments

Fragments are parts of message templates, which are stored separately and can be used for sections like header, footer, social links or loyalty program, - the repeatedly used ones. Fragment may contain plain text or HTML code for email.

Variables and template functions

You can use variables, logical expressions, loops and functions in the templates. In this section you can find description of the syntax and examples of message personalization.

Section contents:

Create a letter template for email, SMS and push campaigns. Work in a visual editor or add your own HTML code. Customize messages for each client.

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