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Find out what actions different users are doing in the Altcraft platform. Read about how to set up the audit log in the article.


User action audit is a very important security and monitoring feature, capturing Altcraft platform user actions. Only users with master privileges can access audit log by opening Settings → Audit journal.

The log is kept for the last 90 days by default. to customize this interval add a record "AUDIT_LOG_TTL" :  90 to main.json configuration file, changing the value as you need.

Audit query settings

You can customize audit log query to fit your current needs:

  • Date range - time period to capture events.
  • Action type - captured event type. These can be actions like authorisation, creating, editing or activating account objects. 
  • Object type - by selecting a type you can retrieve information about specific account object groups like users, access groups and roles, databases and segments, resources and campaigns, templates and their parts - or other objects.
  • Object - here you can select a specific account object of a selected type.

To view the resulting audit log press Apply. You can as well download .XLS or .CSV version of audit log by pressing Export report :

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Viewing audit journal

Events captured by audit query are displayed as a list of tiles, where tile headings represent action types. For every event the following information is displayed: date, user, user's IP and object in question. 

Additional information contains event-specific data like campaign test emails.

You can sort audit log by date, user, IP or object.

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