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For application push see this article !


Web push notifications (also known as browser push notifications) are small pop-ups in the browser. These messages are contextual, timely, personalized, and best used to engage, re-engage, and retain website visitors.

You can send such notifications to your clients' desktop and mobile browsers. When a user subscribes to Web push notifications, every time you send a push notification it is displayed on the user's device at the top of the screen. Moreover, it is displayed even if the window is inactive.

What is the difference between Web push and Mobile push?

Web Push notifications are sent to a visitor's device from a website via a browser. It can be both mobile and desktop browsers.

At the same time, Mobile Push notifications come from mobile applications.

A push notification can contain:

  • A title that is similar to email subject
  • Notification text
  • An image or an icon
  • A clickable hyperlink

Altcraft Marketing uses different push platforms for the supported browsers:

Service Which browsers use this service to send Web push notifications?
Google Firebase

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex.Browser, Samsung Internet Browser

Apple Push Notification ServiceApple Safari
Mozilla Services Mozilla Firefox

Please note that sending notifications via Mozilla Firefox is possible both directly - Mozilla Services (SDK is built into the browser), and through the Google Firebase service.

Google Cloud Messaging is no longer available due to migration to Firebase Cloud Messaging!

How to set up and enable Web Push notifications?

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