Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about working with the Altcraft marketing automation platform.

Managing profiles subscriptions

Are people who unsubscribe not by the link in the letter, but in the mail service interface, marked as unsubscribing?

Yes, if mail service supports special header, which is transferred into the letter.
Global unsubscription is performed, if resource was not chosen before mailing.
Resource unsubscription is performed, if resource was chosen before mailing.

Why the profile status is changed when unsubscription from non-resource mailing is performed?

If the mailing is performed without selecting resource, global profile status is used.

If the user will subscribe again, will he restore from the suppression list?

No, if the mailing was performed without resource, or with the same resource. Use API to restore him.
In future, we recommend to use several resource subscriptions.

What is resource identifier?

Resource is the mailing source by one or several channels. For example, one website - one resource.
Resource identifier is a number, which is displayed next to its name. It is used in API queries.

What is the difference between suppression list and unsubscription?

Suppression list and unsubscription are different things. Suppression list is commonly used for temporary exception from the mailings, like the situation when content will have negative reaction from the subscribers.

How can we manage subscription confirmation for users, who can see only text version?

They can also have the link. You can set its name like <name="Name"> Part in angle brackets will not be displayed while mailing.

What essences can be marked with tag in the platform?

You can mark databases, segments, channels, templates, scheduled imports, suppression lists, campaigns, workflows, promocodes, summary reports.

Managing databases

How can developer configure data exchange with the website?

Developer must be provided with API token and link to documentation page - see User API.

Can we upload database without email addresses? For example, for SMS mailing.

Yes, you can. Select coincidence by profile email address. This field will be filled with data like "ID@localhost".
Profile identifier will be generated by the platform.

How can we spot subscriber territory or country?

The platform can spot geolocation by IP address.

What field type can be used for currency?

Unfortunately, there are no fractional fields in the database. Use integer type.

How can we transfer resource subscriptions during profile import?

You can include subscriptions array into the data object during subscriptions import, like:

subscriptions": [
        "resource_id": 46,
        "channel": "email",
        "email_data": {
          "email": "",
        "priority": 0,
        "status": "subscriber"
      }, ...

Or simple option:

subscriptions": [
        "resource_id": 46,
        "channel": "email",
        "email": "",
        "priority": 0,
        "status": "subscriber"

Can we transfer several profiles in one API query for profile import?

For several profiles import, use Massive profiles import.

How can we clear the database?

Use API query to clear the database.

Also, you can clear the database using query to MongoDB.

Can we spot devices, OS and browsers used by customers?

Information is collected in the User Agent field in customer profile.

How can we create the field, which displays customer's interests in different categories?

You can create "Tags" type field in the database. Tags can be added and removed manually, using APIs and workflows.

How can we clone the database with all its profiles and subscriptions?

When cloning the database, only its structure is copied. For copying profiles, press "Copy profiles" button, and after that you will be suggested to select the segment.

If i upload customers from the database, will email addresses be uploaded from the profile or from the profile subscriptions?

You can export only encrypted subscriptions. By default, all profile subscriptions will be exported. In the export menu, you can configure, what subscriptions will be considered.

Managing campaigns

What is campaigns queue used for?

It displays present mailing status for certain campaign.

How can we send mailing to subscribers, who did not receive it?

You can create the segment and select customers, who did not receive the message.

Is there a global limit of mailing amount to one customer in a day or a week? Can it be ignored for some messages? How can we configure it?

Yes, it is called Sending policy. It can be set for a resource or for the account. If necessary, it can be changed in some campaigns.

How can we send the mailing partially?

You can set limits for sending in the campaign.

I open the letter and put it into spam, why the complain is not displayed in the report?

Perhaps, FBL/CFL was not configured. Contact your system administrator.

Can we have an example of API query for trigger sending to several subscribers?

  "token": "e00c3da0a53e4e54a795da58701f4d70",
  "id": 5511,
  "custom_request": {
    "Custom_ID": {
      "$in": [
        "IpHicQquekzYkufl", "xzFKLXeaJkCYHuMb", "SRNOwHVZiWFItJhr"

Can we use blind carbon copy during sending campaigns?

Yes, Altcraft MP supports BCC in messages. To use it, see campaign Smart settings and enter address for BCC in Send hidden copy to these addresses block.

Managing message templates

How can we use data tables?

See Using content from SQL database in the messages.


Not all functions are available in the interface.

Contact platform administrator for turning Smart settings on.

What coding is used for files import?

UTF-8 coding is used.

How can we download the report?

Select Tasks in the main menu.

Is it possible to automatically update profile fields during event transfer into the platform?

Yes, you can use workflows for this.

Why are there no complains in the report?

FBL must be configured for complaints display in the report.

Complaints are processed with automatic subscription change.

What is pixel? What is it used for?

Pixel is a script, that send query to the tracking server, when subscriber performs any actions on the website or in the application.

Pixel can transfer information related to this action, like website address, which is subscriber source, achieved goal and others. This information is written into every pixel code and it is transferred in profile history. Achieved goals and action price can be used for segmentation, including automatic segmentation in the workflows.

Also, pixel information is used in "Pixels" and "Goals" reports.

Is it possible to make segment by User-Agent parameter?

Yes, it is divided by Browser/Platform in the segments.

Promocodes import and generation buttons are not available.

You need to save loyalty program first.